“My love is selfish. I cannot breathe without you.” — John Keats, Bright Star: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne (via introspectivepoet)

Rita Hayworth photographed in Holland holding a species of tulip named after her, c. 1947.


100 Favorite Female Celebs
 (in no particular order) ⟶ Marina Diamandis (2/100)

Most people don’t realize that they’re being bombarded every day with who they should be, and you are, especially in America and the UK, and that’s what Hollywood’s about, it’s about breaking free of that and being your true self, which is, the person you would be if you were living in a cave 2000 years ago. I always think of it.


This is the scariest, hardest to watch, most painful arc on The X-Files for me because it is so very real.  This in’t the monster of a low budget horror movie.  This is a real honest to goodness threat everyone faces in their lives — either for themselves or the people they know. Cancer.  Chemotherapy. Denial. This is such a painful arc.

Fox Mulder’s face appreciation.


24 reasons to love Streisand - A birthday countdown

24 → her birthday & lucky number

#22. This duet and this quote

“David [Begelman] took me to see [Barbra Streisand] in Las Vegas, when she was just starting out. I was curious, because I never heard so many people complaining… ‘God, is she ugly!’ Everybody was saying, ‘My God, I never saw anyone so ugly…’ And they said it with such force… And they said it so often that I thought, this girl must have something! And we were sitting at the table, and David was very proud the agency had just signed Bob Goulet. They had a choice of signing either Bob or Barbra, and David kept saying ‘Wait’ll you see this ugly, ugly girl!’

And Barbra came out. And after her first number I looked at David and said ‘Well, you blew it…’”

— Judy Garland


June 1943. Arlington County, Virginia. Arlington Farms, war duration residence halls. Sunbathers on the sidewalk in the back of Idaho Hall.